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Deb Rosenbury grew up in northern Indiana where she always had a special interest in art. After graduation, she moved into corporate America. To further explore her creative interests, she attended Interior Design classes at Indiana University. Through moves to Florida, Connecticut, Texas, Tennessee, and ultimately to Atlanta, GA, she continued to add creative experiences. While living in Texas, she started an interior design business. She moved to Nashville, TN, restarting her business from scratch; she eventually opened her own home interior store. Working in interior design and creating beautiful living spaces with fabrics, paints, patterns, and accessories always spoke to her soul.  

After landing in Atlanta, Rosenbury started a cottage business making charming handcrafted items for local home stores. It began taking over her home so she moved into an artist studio space in 2013 now known as the Urban Art Collective. While being a part of the artist studio, she became inspired to try painting.  It totally consumed her.  Once she picked up a paint brush there was no turning back. Being primarily self-taught, she was free to experiment and calls it one of the best decisions she ever made.

“I like to start my paintings with lots of intuitive marks and strokes, building layers that draw the viewer’s eyes to wander about within each piece. If I can create a little daydream as you view my painting, then I’ve accomplished my goal in creating an interesting piece. Art not only elevates your soul, but it elevates everything it surrounds.” 

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