A profound narrative runs through the complex layers enfolded into the creations of Erika Guillory Page. Her works on wood, canvas and paper are intimate and immediate. They speak truth to her life experiences while urging viewers to look deeper and discover their own stories within – memories forgotten, hidden, or even denied.

Each work beckons with embedded fragments of these memories. The passages begin bold and conspicuous, then become progressively occluded by layers of oil paint and cold wax, manifesting the dichotomous psychologies of damage and renewal, deceit and truth, abuse and love.

“My own stories have hurt, and they have healed. They’ve brought comfort and inspired great upheaval. Infusing these intensely personal accounts into the work affixes me to the viewer’s deepest experiences,” says Page. “I have to trust that by being courageous and vulnerable, something beautiful will emerge.”

Through masking and layering techniques that exquisitely blend color, material, texture and text, Page speaks to the most elemental condition of humanity, namely our need to connect. Her works are compassion. They are reclamation of dignity, identity and self-worth. They are the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

Page's work has been featured in American Art Collector, Santa Fe's THE Magazine and the AJC. Her works on paper and large-scale paintings have headlined numerous exhibitions and are in private collections across the US and Canada. Page lives in metro Atlanta and is also represented by Gerald Peters Gallery in Santa Fe. 


Below are a selection of Page’s trademarked Word Weaving® series. These intimate oil crayon drawings emerged from what Page characterizes as a frenzy of journaling. In these complex, layered works on paper, every stroke in the work is a written expression of overlapping text from poems, letters, song lyrics, and original writings.


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