"Fragile" by Cherie Truesdell


"Fragile" by Cherie Truesdell

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ARTIST'S STATEMENT: Due to a religious upbringing, I've always been interested in the brevity of life and acutely aware of my own mortality. What happens at the end of earthly life? Do we dissipate into white light or are we baptized into the land of milk and honey? As an adult, I find myself thinking more about what we carry with us when we go- our hopes and dreams, our struggles, our life experiences, our accumulated knowledge. Often we carry with us the only remaining memories of loved ones from the past. In this series, I use constructed tableau of a model submerged in milk to explore themes of impermanence and the bittersweet sorrow of letting go. 

Images are available as limited editions fine art prints which are signed and numbered. Shipping and framing not included. Images are printed on Crystal Archive paper.

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