mary pratt

Mary Pratt

Through the sights and sounds of her childhood in Baltimore, Maryland, Mary Pratt acquired a visual library of experience that continues to influence her work. A graduate of Brenau University with a BFA and a concentration in painting, Pratt's studies include graduate school studies at UGA and North Georgia State University. Additionally, the artist studied portrait painting and entered into an apprenticeship with Atlanta Portrait Artist, Marc Chatov.

"As an Atlanta-based artist, I utilize color and contrast to evoke emotions while provoking thought, both visually and conceptually. My brush strokes are bold and I have a keen sense of color. I arrive conceptually through ardent research of pertinent subject matter while considering the work’s final environment. I determine color and aesthetics intuitively. Embarking on a journey from my mind’s eye to the soul’s window best describes my process. Once an idea is established, I create an edge or an angle that perhaps the viewer may not have considered. It is important to me that the viewer’s emotional response is enhanced and that one may find through observance of the piece, an alternative way of understanding the subject matter."

Pratt's work can be found in Brenau University’s permanent collection and is held in many private collections. Currently, the artist enjoys a partnership with Crate And Barrel. Pratt is also a muralist for the City of Atlanta, part of a community action program that strategically places artwork throughout the metropolitan area. The Police Athletic Facility in West Atlanta is host to a mural depicting local children, several of whom collaborated with Pratt to complete the mural.

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