Leigh Ann Culver

Leigh Ann Culver grew up in the Southeastern United States. Originally born in Florida, she moved to Atlanta Georgia in her adolescence. The historical and cultural significance of the American South, in its varying attributes, has greatly influenced and shaped Culver’s work.

Growing up, she could generally draw anything friends and family asked her to. She naturally fell into making artwork and feels as though she is a conduit for the art making itself more than she is someone forcing herself to make art. As she describes it, she is “incapable of not making art”. As her life and her art progressed, she became more and more drawn to portraiture. She became fascinated with studying and rendering the human face. The human face, as Culver puts it, immediately tells a story, portrays universal feelings, and begs an emotional response and psychological connection from the viewer.

Culver began by creating pop-culture portraits of the people who inspired her. Gradually, she became less and less interested in the widely recognized figures of fame, and began to explore the avant-garde fringes of society. She sought to capture the lives and stories of people that are typically overlooked. From homeless veterans to historical underdogs, Culver brings the viewer face to face with the human being in his or her rawest form.

She creates large scale, hyper-realistic charcoal drawings of the people we often fail to notice. She is fascinated with historical photographs, and how one still moment can translate the story and emotion of human life. She scours the photographical archives of history and draws inspiration from our species’ fascinating journey. By examining human life across spans of time and space, she has found common threads of struggle, love, pain, and courage that tie us all together. Through exploring the diversity of people, Culver uncovers human unity.

See Culver’s first mural, Interwoven, on the M2R Trail in downtown Marietta, as part of the 2019 M2R Trailfest.

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