Hope Hughes

Hope Hughes is a member of the International Encaustic Artists Association and a self-taught artist who specializes in encaustic on wood panel. Her work is a reflective meditation into which she pours her emotions. Hughes resides in Woodstock, Ga with her husband, Matt Hughes, and five cats, where they operate a book publishing and media company together, Ethereal Visions.

From the Artist: “My art is a reflection of my mind - sometimes cool, collected, and calm and other times dark, explosive, and expansive. The work allows me to sit with my id, ego, and superego and breathe. I listen. I observe. I reflect.

The outcome of this practice is a transmogrification of darkness, fear, sadness, and depression into ecstatic beauty. I draw from nature, using the process of destruction and creation, and use fire to deconstruct the medium to breathe life into an idea. The process becomes a visual meditation due to the unpredictability, and almost sentience, of the wax as it flows into the shape of my imagination.

It is lyrical, rhythmic, and organic. The wax shapes itself into a conversation between my consciousness and those who visually engage with my work, almost like stepping onto soft grass and gazing up at the clouds.”

Art is to console those who are broken by life.
― Vincent van Gogh


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