Daneal eberly

Painting is a very physical, almost musical, experience for DaNeal Eberly. Even if she spend days and weeks on a piece, she hopes to always exemplify the fervor of artistic invention and to glorify playful experimentation. The physical application of paint and act of digging into wet paint with a palette knife or even a paintbrush handle excites the artist. Eberly, who has painted professionally for over twenty years, works to capture women on their terms, and her impressionist portraits are more concerned with mood than detail. She enjoys portraying powerful women in the common moments of everyday life. Using rich, bold, expressive colors, Eberly’s works incite longing, depict angst, and provoke revelry. Eberly uses female friends as model for her works. Together with them, through dialogue and discussions on posture and posing, Eberly seeks to reveal and unfold the natural beauty, and unlock feminine boldness through confident vulnerability.

In a field where female forms are often painted through a masculine lens, Eberly is trying to do something different. "Women are either reclined, typically receptive or demure. You’re looking at a woman as a man seeing a woman as a sex object," Eberly said. "That’s not a bad thing, but I wanted to portray a different take on that. How does a woman want to be seen? How does a woman see themself? Eberly is struck and compelled by how much a relaxing moment or a chance to unwind at the end of a long stressful day resonates with her, and resonates with people living ordinary lives. “Through many conversations and honest relationships, I keep feeling how important the small things are to most women. Being powerful does not necessarily equate to being over others, but power from love comes in being with people and wanting to understand them.  I seek to make my art honest to my life and consistent with what moves my own heart and hopefully in the process touches a few others’ hearts and helps them feel seen and significant.”


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