In Angie Sinclair's water series, painted canvases feature crisp blue-hued scenes of people skimming along water’s reflective surfaces. Hints of reflective colors skim across the canvas and cling close to the figures. Most of her inspiration stems from years of watching her kids swim playfully and competitively. Sinclair was mesmerized by how water mystifies a body and captivated by the interaction between water, body and light.

Sinclair attended the School of Visual Arts in New York and was immersed in the fashion world at a young age at her mother’s fashion business. That love for fashion led her to see how textiles provide an added visual stimulation in her water paintings. She goes on thrift store hunts in search of delicate textiles that showcase the body in water. Sinclair found that some textiles add a playful element to the interaction with the water.

"I'm interested in reflections, what's inside and outside of a window. I notice everything; a fold of a fabric, and, if wet, how it hugs the body. A shadow is as important as the object casting it. The way light reflects on the surface of the water while the water remains translucent. I love mixing fabric and how it makes shapes and patterns with or without colors. The human body is my favorite. I try not to be too realistic but somewhat impressionist. I'm happy when I'm creating."

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